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As a world class, leading environmental product exporter, we are committed to be a highly creative and socially responsible eco-friendly product manufacturer, by delighting our customers with our responsive attitude, by introducing innovative products with superior quality & reliability at an affordable cost and by enhancing the organization’s abilities to compete in the global market with minimal environmental impact.

The disposable leaf plates are made with leaves / sheath of Areca Palm tree, a palm family which is a renewable source. Hence no trees are cut for manufacturing these products. The sheath which primarily protects the Areca-nut in the tree falls naturally once it is dried. The fallen leaves are collected fresh from the farm and stored properly.

Our environmental friendly plates are made only from dried fallen leaves. They’re, eco- friendly, Disposable, 100% bio-degradable, Leak proof, Naturally Hygienic, Handy, Light weight but strong, Non-toxic, Odourless, Suitable for microwave and freezer, Well suited for cold / hot / oily foods, No chemicals, No bleach, No polish, Maintains shape when in contact with hot substances, oven-safe for up to 45 minutes at 350 degrees, 100% leak proof, Durable and Downright Stylish.

The Quality of the product is monitored throughout the entire process and ensured that only good products are passing through the final stages and reach the Customer. Filtering occurs during Leaf Selection, Washing and Before Feeding in hot-press machine, After Pressing, Trimming, Cleaning and Packing & Delivery.

The Plates and Bowls are Shrink wrapped and packed in Carton boxes as per customer requirements. Custom packing also provided as per buyers requirements. Labelling and logo printing can also be provided on customer’s demand.